Lets make a Club!

Starting a Robotics Club

Many people are willing to help you start a club, manage it, enter competitions, and much more. All you have to do is ask! Math and Science staff tend to have more knowledge and interest in robotics so they should be your first choice.

Looking for a staff member as a club adviser in the Beaverton School District or for your High School? Find one easily by clicking on the links below:

Getting your club together is the first step. Next you have to assign people in the club specific responsibilities or nothing will get done. Organizing your president, vice president, head of mechanics, head of programming, etc. is very important. Communication will become simple and clear. A successful Robotics team will be made!

After assembling your team, you need equipment, because what’s a robotics club without any robots? Hardware and software are equally important and should use the main part of your budget. You can learn more about hardware and software though other online resources or here at Robolicious.

Hardware : Robots, Computers, Sensors, etc.

Software : Programming Software.