About Robolicious

Robotics can take us a long way!

Robotics can take us a long way!


Robolicious’ purpose is to help others become more creative and literate in programming, specifically high school students. They can learn to build robots through guidelines and sources provided by Robolicious. The compilation of helpful information, links, forums, and much more will jump start imagination. Students interested in the math and science of robotics can apply their knowledge to compete and possibly win scholarships.


Robotics teaches more than engineering and programming; it teaches people how to learn and work as a team. They learn to create something using what is available. Today robotics plays a major role in industry and daily life. Robotics is the focus of many important careers. Through Robolilicious’ resources, anyone and everyone can pick up robotics and integrate it into their life. As a hobby or career, we will help you make your learning and competing experience the best it can be.