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What is Key Club?
Key Club is an international student led organization that is the oldest and largest service program for High School students. Key Club International is a part of the Kiwanis International family of service-leadership programs.

Who is the advisor of Beaverton High School Key Club?
Kristina Laurance

When are the Key Club meetings?
Key Club meetings are Every Thursday After School in Room 243. Unless otherwise.

Who are the Beaverton Key Club Officers?
As of 2013-2014 they are David Choe, Tia Dehapport, Elena Truong, Josh Estes, Karen Nguyen, and Libby Swett.

How do I go back to the Main Page?
Click on the image saying "Beaverton High School" or Click Here.

How do I become a member of Key Club?
Click on “Become a Member

How do I earn my Graduation cord?
Click on “Graduation Cord

What’s Division 65?
Click on “Division 65

What is DCON?
DCON stands for District Convention where you attend and be able to meet other people from different Divisions in the Pacific Northwest Key Club. More information will come in the spring.

How much does the fee cost?
The annual fee is $20 which does not cover the fee for a graduation cord.

Where to do I pay this fee?
To the Bookkeeper which is right next to the main office in the student center. Please turn in your receipt to Ms. Laurance.

Where do I turn in my community service hours?
Please turn in your Community Service hours to with this exact format.

Graduation Year:
Date of Activity:
Short Description (What did you do):

Is it Key Club sponsored?
# Of Hours completed:
Contact info of Supervisor (Phone Number or Email address):

What’s the Twitter page for BHS Key Club?
Follow Us @BuckysKeyClub!

Does BHS Key Club a Facebook page?
Join the facebook group page; Beaverton High School Key Club

Have more questions?
If you have any questions you can email them to