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Location: Room 162

Beaver Den Hours:
2:00-3:30 every Friday

Contact: Your counselor

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If you have any questions that are not answered on this page, contact your counselor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question Topics:

Using the Beaver Den

What's in the Beaver Den?

The Beaver Den offers food, clothes and shoes, personal hygiene products, school supplies, spirit gear and more!

Where is the Beaver Den located?

The Beaver Den is located in room 162, which is near the counseling office.

How do I access the Beaver Den?

Contact your counselor. Click HERE to see the counselors' contact information.

When is the Beaver Den open?

It is open from 2:00-3:30 every Friday. However, you can also schedule a different time or day with your counselor.

How much am I allowed to take from the Beaver Den?

Families are welcome to take however much they feel they need.

Do I have to prove that I am from a low-income family in order to use the Beaver Den?

No. If you feel that you need help, you are welcome to use the Beaver Den, just contact your counselor first. Click HERE to see the counselors' contact information.

Who goes into the Beaver Den: parents or students?

Both. Many students come alone and some parents and families come too.

Will there be anyone in the Beaver Den to help me?

The Beaver Den is always staffed by at least a parent volunteer and sometimes a counselor. They would be happy to help you.

Is the Beaver Den open during the summer?

No. It is not open during the summer and only open during the school year. However if your family is in need, you can contact the school. There will be at least one administrator here all summer who can help direct you to resources. Click HERE to see BHS' contact information.

Is the food in the Beaver Den expired?

No. The BHS Key Club checks weekly and throws out any expired food.

Are all the items in the Beaver Den completely free?

Yes. Everything in the Beaver Den is completely free.

Is using the Beaver Den confidential?

Yes. We keep no record of who accesses the Beaver Den or what they take out of the Beaver Den.

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What should I donate?

Click HERE to see a list of items that you can donate. For items that we are specifically in need of at the moment contact your counselor. Click HERE to see the counselors' contact information.

Can I donate money?

No, but people have donated gift cards to Fred Meyer, Target, etc., which we do accept.

Can I donate perishable foods or foods that need to be refrigerated or freezed?

Sometimes. If a donation of this kind is being considered, please call your child's counselor to be sure it will be accepted. Click HERE to see the counselors' contact information.

Can I donate expired foods?

No. Our volunteers work to specifically get rid of expired foods.

Can I donate things that have been used?

We will accept gently used clothing and backpacks. Please no used socks or underwear. Please no used food packages or personal hygiene items/toiletries.

Can I donate sample-size things?

Yes, but we are currently lacking large, family-sized things.

Does the Beaver Den do any drives or fundraisers?

Students in a variety of programs (like Health Careers, Business, Key Club, etc.) have "adopted" the Beaver Den and have done drives and fundraisers in the past. Watch out for any canned food drives or toiletry drives around BHS!

Is donating to the Beaver Den tax deductible?

Yes, there is a form in the counseling office available upon request.

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Can I volunteer in the Beaver Den?

Yes. Currently, being a member of Key Club is the best avenue to help out because they come in after schools on Thursdays after their meetings. However, any student can check with their counselor about volunteering. Click HERE to learn more about volunteering.

Who volunteers in the Beaver Den?

Parents are in the Beaver Den when families and students are in there. Students and other staff members are in there when no one is accessing the Beaver Den.

What do Beaver Den volunteers do?

Beaver Den volunteers help tidy up to get everything ready for when students and families can access the Beaver Den on Fridays. They often fold and hang clothes, organize food and throw out expired food, and organize the toiletries.

When can I volunteer in the Beaver Den?

It varies. Contact your counselor for more information. Click HERE to see the counselors' contact information.

Is working in the Beaver Den Key Club sponsored?

Yes. All hours that you work in the Beaver Den can be sent in as Key Club sponsored hours.

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Miscellaneous Questions

Are there any other services offered at BHS for low-income families or people who want help?

Beaverton has a partnership with Reser's Fine Foods. Needy families can access free food at Reser's by contacting their child's counselor. If you need a formal outfit for a special occassion, BHS' Becca's Closet also offers free formal wear.

Who can I contact if I have any more questions?

Contact your counselor if you have any more questions. Click HERE to see the counselors' contact information.

How do I get back to the Beaverton High School home page?

Click HERE to go to the Beaverton High School home page.

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